New Imaging Processing Function S.B.S.C. is to be launched

New Medical Imaging is delighted to announce its new image processing algorithm S.B.S.C.

S.B.S.C. is aimed to serve as a better alternative to improve the image contrast by predicting and removing the scattering of x-ray radiation.

Lower Dose

Unlike traditional grids that block the x-ray in front of the receptors, S.B.S.C. could be applied inside the image viewer software. Therefore, S.B.S.C. could reduce needed X-Ray doses.

Easier Mobility and Lighter Weight

Hardware grids are usually either installed on the bucky of the table fixedly or designed to be placed in front of detectors for every single examination. However, both of these methods are inconvenient for radiologists to use, for the grids add extra weight to the detectors and make detectors hard to be carried around. Moreover, radiologists have to spend extra time aligning the detectors with the grids each time. With S.B.S.C., the problems would be solved immediately.

Better Image Quality

S.B.S.C. offers competitive images quality improvement in comparison with traditional grids.

Sample images are presented below: