Korean X-Ray System Training Program 2021

X-Ray Training Program in Korean


As New Medical Imaging's X-Ray system has been launched, our staff set off to Korea to participate in a series of training courses in July.


in this one-week training program, our staff first learned the crucial know-hows of how to assemble the X-ray systems and the important pieces of knowledge of various components including the generator and X-ray bucky table. Furthermore, our staff absorbed the essential skill set of the software integration process. At the end of the training program, our staff had the opportunity to discuss with the managers from the manufacture about the service policies. The main focus of the meeting is how the policies could be imposed to maximize the benefits for our clients. Other fresh ideas were also brought to inspire for possible improvement.


We truly believe that this one-week training program would be a valuable asset for our employees to be a strong backup system to aid our clients to promote the new X-ray system.