New X-ray system OCTAVE has been launched

New X-Ray Product OCTAVE has been launched

OCTAVE Series is the next-generation digital radiography system aimed to provide a better healthcare service. OCTAVE Series is equipped with the cutting-edge technology of digital radiography including improved system usability, compact design, high image quality, and convenient diagnosis tools. With such advanced features, the series enriches the user experience with high-quality clinical images, easy operation, and improved daily workflow. OCTAVE Series supports you to provide excellent patient care at an affordable total investment. The OCTAVE system boosts the following features:

Post-image Processing Algorithm

OCTAVE Series adopts advanced post image processing algorithm to achieve high quality clinical images.

- Various image types and parameters to address diverse user preferences

- Automatic ROI segmentation via deep learning (VDP- MIS)

- Multi-scale analysis technique

Software-based Scatter Correction Algorithm


SBSC (Software-based Scatter Correction) is a soft- ware-based algorithm that eliminates the scattering effect of x-rays and provides clearer images. Its algorithm provides provide high-quality images without the need of a  hard- ware gird. In addition, the algorithum could reduce great dose needed during examinations. Key performance metrics include:

- High contrast-to-noise (CNR) in grid-less imaging
- Reduction of exposure dose up to 40%

Convenient Features of Integrated Image Acquisition Software


Convenient features such as dose pre-setting by body part and image stitching for full spine procedure are included. In addition, Diagnostic accuracy could be achieved  by checking the necessary part of clinical images with measurement tools.
Prominent features include:

- Display and control the dose conditions of the generator in the system for improved user convenience - Various types of enhanced image processing such as soft, normal, hard for effective diagnosis
- The tools for better usability such as image-stitching, annotations and a measurement guide
- Customizable user interface, themes, and settings for an individual user