VXvue with AI - Next generation x-ray imaging solutions powered by AI

VXvue with AI

Next generation x-ray imaging solutions powered by AI


Step into the future of radiology with VXvue’s cutting-edge AI integration. VXvue with AI introduces a paradigm shift in diagnostic precision, featuring state-of-the-art technologies such as Diagnostic Support powered by VUNO AI, Bone Suppression, and Deep Denoising. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities as VXvue seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence, offering enhanced insights and image clarity. Experience the synergy of advanced imaging software and AI, where every detail matters in achieving more accurate and efficient diagnoses. VXvue with AI is your gateway to a new era of intelligent radiology.


Precise Diagnosis Support


Deep learning-based semantic segmentation


  • Anatomy-based dose control
  • Anatomy-based image enhancement
  • Anatomy-based workflow optimization

Chest X-ray Diagnosis Support


Abnormality detection from x-ray images powered by AI

  • Five Findings of chest x-ray abnormality detection
  • Efficient & convenient usages


Bone Suppression Technology


Improved soft tissue visibility without extra radiation exposure 

Achieve diagnostic precision effortlessly with VXvue’s Bone Suppression—a solution that swiftly unveils soft tissues by suppressing ribs and clavicles within the lung field. Delivering a clear, suppressed image in moments, this feature prioritizes patient care by acquiring images without additional radiation exposure.

VXvue redefines radiological imaging, ensuring swift and precise diagnoses while upholding the highest standards of patient care.

  • Precise & fast diagnosis aid tool
  • Patient-centric imaging


Deep Denoising


Superior image quality with reduced exposure powered by deep-learning

In its commitment to patient safety and unmatched diagnostic precision, Vieworks presents ‘Deep Denoising,’ a state-of-the-art imaging processing algorithm. Adhering to the ALARA principle, this technology ensures minimal radiation exposure during imaging, while preserving exceptional clarity and anatomical detail.

  • Detail-oriented imaging
  • Patient-oriented imaging

New Medical Imaging (NMI) is the subsidiary of Vieworks, which is the top 3 Flat Panel Detector manufacturer in the global rankings. 
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